Earned My Sewing Badge

If ever I was prepared, it was not the time I had kept a random gold cotton thread for 14 years until a halloween costume was a perfect match, but the time I sewed up my kid’s pants at a local tribute band concert so he wasn’t showing all and sundry his ass every time he rocked and rolled!

Be prepared!


Another Goodwill Story

I highly recommend thrifting, or op-shopping or whatever you want to call. It can be time-consuming but if you have a good eye, you’ll find something to use or change and always for a good price.

Last time I got an enormous blue velvet dress and a blue taffeta thing. For the velvet, I was thinking about a skirt but hello! It should be made into a jacket. It’s hardly the season but that only means I’ve got plenty of time. I wanted the taffeta to make into a skirt, as well, but I went to a Bond/Casino-themed party and it was a little bit Casino Royale, so I wore it.

Paired with a corsage from your thoughtful date and some grad cupcakes, you’re party ready! Now strike a pose.

The Mummy

7yo is enamored with all things Egyptian and especially mummies. I took a leaf out of that book, myself, when I made my Met Gala skirt last week.

The fabric is old, gauzy and striped. And, it turns out, one super long piece. Easily 20ft long and possibly longer. Anyhoo. I wanted to do a skirt out of it and I like the poofy ones, at least for my Met Gala piece. I didn’t have a lot of time so I didn’t fancy snipping and sewing edges etc. So I wrapped and folded and wrapped some more, and tacked it all in place with small hand stitches.

Such a pretty thing! I love the floating and the asymmetry. It’s reminiscent of the Vera Wang dresses I like, though I’m three times the size of her models, but I digress.

I paired it with a pink-lined kimono jacket to match the pink ribbon I attached as the waistband, plus some almost heist-worthy jewels, since I went to see Ocean’s 8.

The only thing to give me pause is my photographer.

A Royal Wedding

I’m late to the party since I had a few wines last night, but I’m watching the Royal Wedding on OPB. 

Guests have just started arriving and the hats are amazing! I’ve opted for “something blue” for myself, together with “something old” to hold it in my hair since our bathroom is under construction and I can’t find any smaller clips to hold it in place. 

My dress is courtesy of David’s Bridal and might be a bit too casual for anyone save for the armchair enthusiast since I’m sans sleeves.

I’ve got my tea and a hankie, so I’m all set.

To The Tune Of…

🎶 12 Days of Christmas 🎶

In the third week of my second retirement, I tidied my wardrobe and found…🎶 

Twelve hours a day of feelings for this space until I fill it up with erroneous crap again

Eleven clothing tags

Ten or so tab-top curtains

Nine dresses that needed hanging

Eight pounds of supplies for fun vagina crafts

Seven hat boxes

Six race medals

Fiiiiive hundred scraps of fabric

Four vintage patterns

Three feet of vintage bassinet stand

Two baby memento boxes

And a giant yellow cardboard Lego head


Not Buying New

The other night was the school auction and I looked fab, I don’t mind saying. Everyone did. It was a 20s-ish theme and there were feathers and fringe and sequins everywhere, just gorgeous dresses and fun head-pieces. And suits, yep. Anyhoo, my dress was fairly plain but it fit the bill and I dressed it up with a feather boa [disclaimer:  I bought it nearly 20 years ago and I love it but I would not buy something like that now] and etc.

I picked the dress up for a song when we went to Value Village before Halloween because of the cute frill but since it didn’t have a waist, it was a great match for the 20s theme. I had been prepared to make something but I didn’t really have time, so win win. The point is, I got it second-hand and I think that’s my thing, now. 

It sort of has been for a while coz I’m a tight-ass but also those articles about where clothing donations actually go, and if we really think about it, where the clothes in store actually come from, not to mention the do we need it to begin with? The short answer for me is no, I certainly do not. I have too many clothes and nothing to wear. So aside from the usual suspects like socks and undies, and swimmers, and perhaps a sweater or jacket, I’m 99% only buying used from now on. 

There are loads of reasons not to buy new, these are mine. Please think about yours.

Hoarders Unite!

Disclaimer: If hoarding is a problem for you, please get help.

I am not a Hoarder, but I do hoard. And I’m not sorry – no apology will be forthcoming, ever. I have things I’ve had for years (read: at least a decade and maybe two) find the perfect use, and I knew that that was the intended purpose and the reason I had added it to my shelves all those years ago. Example: gold thread given to me by Mum, possibly made during the year of our Lord 1979 when I was born, was the absolute perfect color for a Golden Ninja Halloween costume a few years ago. Example: I can’t remember any more off the top of my head but there are oodles of times I have had ‘just the thing’ which turned out to be the perfect thing for the thing. So if you see something, get it!

Case in point: the next school gala is coming up. Last year there was a flower child theme and I made something as usual. This year is a mild 20s theme and I was fully prepared to get sewing, but I don’t need to because of the hoarding! #winning. Yet another affirmation that buying random shit that is gorgeous/will come in handy one day/can easily be put away[smuggled upstairs] until just the right time is the sensible thing to do. I don’t want to give away too much since it’s still a month away but 

but this what I spent my morning doing after I threw the accessories together.

So buy that dress/skirt/mu-mu or whatever, even if you only do it for the cute frill at the bottom which would look so cute with this idea you’ve got for something else because a) if you wait, someone else will buy it instead; b) you never know [or maybe you do] when it will come in handy; 

 c) it’s cheaper to buy second hand clothes than it is to buy the tidbits on their own most of the time; d) no one else has what you have if you make it yourself. 


I refashioned my jeans a couple of years ago and I’m still rocking them these days. In fact, before I put them in a few days ago, I contemplated using them for a skirt. But now I’m back on board with something else and loving these jeans again. So don’t chuck your worn jeans, refashion them!

Halloween Adventures

There are lots of scary things in this world and on Halloween, one of them is clothes that don’t fit. I hate it, the kids hate it.

This year the boys were Ron Weasley, Prof Snape and a boy who wasn’t sure he wanted to dress up anymore but wore all blacks clothes and allowed me to call him a shadow anyway. We went to a thrift store and nabbed a few great things, one of which was a black grad gown which I took up, sewed a Gryffindor badge onto the front of and a wand pocket into. 

For Snape (Professor Snape, Harry), we found two terrible dresses that I used the sides from, and sewed them to one of the backs to make a fairly well-billowing cloak. Add obligatory house badge on printable paper plus wand pocket and voila!

Husband’s plans change often so I hadn’t put much thought into a costume suggestion for him as I didn’t think he’d be in town. Twin Peaks to the rescue!

For myself, I had decided to dress as Barbie when she had a rock band, but those costumes are few and far between. I found some silver nylon and made a shirt with it, and a sequined top which would be great for Barbie’s skirt if only I could make it work. It sewed the arm-holes closed and opened up the shoulders, then zig-zagged every other part of it as the sequins dropped off with every tiny movement and given how lackadaisical I’ve been with holiday treats this year, small movements don’t begin to cover it. And then I sewed the shirt-made-skirt onto the silver top because it had actually fallen off my pink legginged-ass at another party, which was fine – all is fair in love and war and corn dogs, but obvs a late-night party is a different story and a dress would preserve my modesty. Anyhoo, add a wide purple belt into the mix plus a pink zip-up number and Barbie was on her way to a reunion with the band!

Nailed it.

Denim Number 2

Last week I nabbed a handful of jeans at a store downtown… I’m all about denim refashions, now, skirts of course.

And then, wouldn’t you know it, a few days later, I had this thing thrust upon me.

I might have sported this back in the day but I wouldn’t look twice at it now. But I also won’t say no to a challenge, much less free fabric. So I got to unpicking last night and came up with a few ideas.

Knickers? Probably not. Wow, the couch needs a decent clean. Note to self: don’t have kids.

I unpicked the shit out of the stripes and have two skirts in mind, the second of which will begin with the striped undies.

Obviously, I’ll be adding in extra denim to replace the ass I’ve ripped out of this little ensemble, but I’m thinking chevron stripes at the front…

Okay, the chevron proved too tricky for my impatient mind, so I moved things around a bit, but I liked the one-sided affair.

The back was difficult because I cut out the ripped bit, whereas last time I sewed it flat and added the heart.

But I prevailed and this is a winner!

Death by denim.