There are two main types of shopping for me: vintage (fun) and new clothes (daunting). Vintage shopping does not guarantee results but I know I will see something beautiful and I will probably find something I can use to make something else. Shopping for new clothes, however, often leads to heartache because everything is expensive, unshapely or hideous. I’m pretty good at hunting for bargains but I’m low on time, and vintage shopping nets me greater yield. 

I’ve been vintage shopping twice this week (woops, I didn’t say vintage shopping couldn’t  be expensive) and found some beautiful things. Here’s what they are and what I might do with them…

In reality, the fabric on this dress is really cute – small print and lime green. It looks less like a hospital gown than these pictures suggest and needs just a waist tuck and a hemming to be a nice, simple  dress.

This dress reads backwards. Those are darts for boobs sitting against my back, but I really like it the other way around, so it will need work. Once the darts are taken care of, a hem and a waist will set this dress right, and I’ll need to make the sleeves a bit more open so they don’t slice my arms like knives.

I bought this dress for the lace, and just as well because it’s fucking tiny. That’s a standard thing for vintage clothes – the waists were all apparently modeled on the mouths of mason jars. Anyhoo, the lace or sheer overlay of this dress has been torn off, so I can use part of the blue skirt to make the back of the top wider.

Piece de resistance… love the color, the feel, the fucking train! And it actually fits. I may never eat again if I want to fit comfortably, and the metal zipper nearly ate part of me as I zipped myself up, but well worth it to see these photos. This dress is gorgeous and perfect, except for an unsightly stain on the left thigh. I mean, look at the bows, the bust and those sleeves! I know someone who will be after me to help them make a pair of their own, they are perfect.

I also found some pretty fabric this week but everything is blah blah after that dress.


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