I’m a fan of repurposing – it’s creative and it’s cheap! That’s provided that one is repurposing what one already has. One does this often but one also buys other things to repurpose, but I digress. In this instance, one was given napkins that another one wasn’t going to keep, voila!

I sewed the napkins (long napkins) together before pleating them into a skirt, and had a few leftover for the top. I used a pattern to make the top of the dress and the napkins were big enough so I didn’t need to have a seam anywhere up there.

I love this dress and get compliments every time. Except today, actually, oh.

So natch, I look for other fabrics to recycle, especially drapery because the patterns are eye-catching and unique. This is what I found this week and I’m thinking dresses, a pencil skirt and maybe a top for work.

Strawberry fields forever!


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