Another Tablecloth Piece 

Last week I finished repurposing a mustard, lace tablecloth into a gorgeous dress. Check it out here.  Today I wore my fave tablecloth skirt. 

I also brushed my teeth today. 

The tablecloth is made of heavy cotton, so it’s rugged enough to wear as I horse around with my boys. Horsing around, however, means the skirt has seen some action and needs the attention of a good stain remover and more elbow grease than I care to employ.

The tablecloth was square, I think, or slightly rectangular. I merely cut it in half and put in the pleats. With a good-sized tablecloth, I am loathe to mess around too much, otherwise I have to rehem, which I like to avoid. This one happened to be the perfect length for me when cut uncautiously in half. I put in the pleats and used a bit extra from the uncautious slicing to make a waistband. Sew simple!

Love those yellow flowers.


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