A Block Skirt

I found a square piece of textured silk a while back and wasn’t sure what I could do with it, only that I liked it, had to have it, and would figure it out eventually. 

The work clothes conundrum still applied at this point, so I made a pile of things I could combine with the silk to brainstorm. There would be no pleated skirt from it (my general preference), but I did see some drill cotton that might do. It did.

There wasn’t much of the cotton so I had the brilliant idea to combine the two. One neutral, one pattern; one plain, the other smoother but textured. I love this skirt.

The problem was to make the side seam exact, rather than having the two pieces not meeting dead on. It took a couple of tries and unpicking before it was just right. It is a nice way to use an interesting fabric without going overboard. I have gone overboard before and I regret nothing but for work I usually keep my funk restricted to my socks.


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