I Went Shopping!

And yes, judging by that exclamation point, it is safe to assume I found something wonderful.

The antique store downtown knows me and my boys as purveyors of good taste and good manners (so help them) respectively, as much as we know them purveyors of treasures as yet undiscovered. We sauntered around for a bit and a small pile grew on one of the counters as we walked to and fro.

The boys always want expensive, collectible cars and I always want vintage dresses and linens; it’s a tale as old as time. Sometimes, miracles do happen!

Just a tiny peekaboo seam that wants mending

I found this stunner, which at first I thought would go the other way because it was quite peekabooby. Lovely, nonetheless, but I’d hardly carry that off in a town where I see people I know and their husbands. No sir, my eyes are up here. But then I found something when I was fiddling inside that peekabooby neckline…

Church tongue. Far more appropriate. 

I also found a lovely headpiece and I will just need an equally small comb to attach to the pink one I found last time. I love these big bows!

I actually have a similar gown but with a far more modest neckline, e.g. lace to my chin, and I will measure against this dress to hem the other one the same, since they appear to have the same waist panels etc. Goodness know what I can do with the remainder of the fabric, but I will use that green bow as a thinking cap.

Happy Mother’s Day to all who that applies to, and happy shopping to all.


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