Another Tablecloth Skirt

I’ve had the week off work and thought about doing some rad sewing but I was a bit busy, so here is me trying to squeeze it in before things go back to the way they were, sad emoji.

I was out with the boys the other day and intended to open a bank account, but somebody decided they simply had to go the bathroom, and where do you go if there are no public restrooms? Somewhere there are private restrooms, for paying customers only. Excluding food establishments, an antique store is the next best thing, especially when it is actually next door. But one can’t simply wend one’s way through the store straight to the shitter, especially when one has kids and you just know the beady eyes behind the desk know exactly what I’m on about. So you casually wander and while people are fighting over who lifts the seat up first [is this really my life], you grab a few choice items to justify it all.


This gorgeous fabric is a duvet cover, AKA twice the fabric for the same bargain price!


And this gorgeous tablecloth has got ‘skirt’ written all over it. But first I had to get rid of the peekaboo monkey so I could eat my secret bacon in secret.


For my other tablecloth skirts, I cut them in half and pleated the shit out of them, but I don’t want to interrupt the pattern, this time, so I’m going for another pinterest diy so I can keep the slim waistline and rev up the twirl factor. Sweet tip: a super cool reason to repurpose tablecloths for skirts is that the hem is already done!

I’m using some leftover fabric from the kindy quilt I made a few months ago, for the waistband.


Cue the thousand interruptions from the children, and then take note of how she does the waistband, which covers the seam and the inside of the zip. I’m a fan, though it’s hard to concentrate while someone else farts in my bathroom and draws on the tiles.


Update: I hate this skirt. I hate the asymmetric hemline because it’s a square and now looks like a bunch of fucking teatowels hanging off me, and the waist is too big. Fuck. I’m going to have wine and rethink this.

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