Vintage Seams

Part of the problem with buying vintage is not the armpit stains (blech), yes they are a problem but more of a gross factor. The problem for me is ripping around some of the seams. But I can fix it, now, or most of the time, anyway.

If you saw the fun, mustard lace dress I made (remember that mofo’ing flower crown!) I used some seam reinforcer tape, then as well, think Buzz Lightyear and bonding tape. 

The side seams are ironed open on this dress, so I held them closed with the bonding strip on both outsides, and sewed it all together.

The strip strengths the seam so it’s not just the old fabric being held by the cotton. Think He-Man helping Granny  with her shopping.

The seams are folded back open, maybe give them a bit of an iron – low heat, mind, don’t want to burn the damn thing I just so patiently fixed – and voila!

Remember, it’s not supposed to be a peekaboo dress…

That’s better.

No more peekabooks back here, either. Hey, check out my sweet sewing cabinet in the background! It’s vintage, too.

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