Denim Dan

I’ve thought of refashioning denim a number of times because it all looks cute and amazing on pinterest, and I have a handful of old jeans laying around the place, but it took someone calling me out on facebook for me to actually do it.

I used to have a long denim skirt and I simply adored the heavy swish of it against my legs, so I didn’t want to make a short denim skirt like I’ve seen online. I scrimped and scrounged from my fabric pile and made it work. You can really see the hot and heavy parts of me when my old jeans are laid bare for the world to see, oh my.

I unpicked the seams rather than cutting them off, because then I have an extra half inch of fabric to use. When the denim scraps were sewed into a larger piece, I pinned it together and eventually got the denim flat, and sewed that mofo.

My thighs are especially sexy and my jeans get worn out there first, as you can tell by the cute hole right on my date. It’s nothing a passive-aggressive kiss my ass won’t fix.

KK eat your heart out, or mine.


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